Kystled Sogn

Indre Sogn Kystlag is an organization connected with Forbundet Kysten, which is working to protect and develop cultural values along the coast and in our fjords. The goal is to protect thru use.

Every “Kystled” is cooperating with Forbundet Kysten, the Norwegian tourist association and Friluftrådenes Landsforbund. Kystled Sogn is also a partner in Nærøyfjorden World Heritage Park, a bearer of nature- and culture- based development of society and local livelihood.

Using the fjord and landscape

All traffic is free, and cared of by Norwegian law of outdoor life and environment. This law regulates the use of desolate areas and farmland. According to § 9 you may camp max. 2 nights at the same place in desolate areas, but not on farmland without the owners permission. It is prohibited to leave any garbage behind, or cause any harm or damage to nature by lighting fire etc. Keep our tradition alive, and protect our fjord and world heritage clean!


Kystled Nærøyfjord/Bakka

Indre Sogn Kystlag has developed a network of places to stay overnight along the Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord. The old shipping lane between these villages, farms and other areas is now available for the people who wish to travel in a vessel without an engine. 

Here you can find a map over Nærøyfjord, click on it to get a bigger picture.


Kystled Amlabukti/Kaupanger

In Kaupanger there are boats to rent, here you can travel  round the shore or further out in the Sognefjord.

Here you can find a map over Kaupanger, click on it to get a bigger picture.


Kystled Lustrafjorden/Døsen gard

From Døsen Gard you can rent our boats. From here you can take a roundtrip in the fjord with many beautiful stops, Sørheim, Ekservollen, Skjolden, Feigesagi are some of them.

Here you can find a map over Lustrafjorden, click on it to get a bigger picture.

Boats for hire

These BEAUTIFUL old fashioned boats are for hire.

These BEAUTIFUL old fashioned boats are for hire.

At your own pace and ability you may enjoy an inexpensive holiday on the fjords. Each boat is 15 ft. Long, and give room for 2-4 persons They are  equipped with 2 sets of oars, adequate rope and grapnel, 4 lifewests and a map of the fjords.

The use of these boats is on one’s own responsibility, but saftey instructions and practical advice will be given before leaving.

Knowledge of open water vessels are required, and it is necessary to fill in a lease before departure.


Nærøyfjord, 5743 Bakka:
Svein Tufte +4790526324

Lustrafjord, 6872 Luster:
Olav Døsen +4795168727

Amlabukti, 6854 Kaupanger:
Marny Tønnessen +4797030828

Have a nice journey!